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Get Enlightenment about Divorce Law Not all the lawyers within legal systems deal with the same type of law. Lawyers are usually considered by their clients based on their specific qualifications and their expertise in certain areas of law. Assuming an individual or organization is in need of help concerning the returning of taxes, such persons will seek advice from the tax lawyer who is well versed in such matters. Apart from tax lawyers, other specializations amongst lawyers include divorce (family) lawyers, real estate lawyers, labor and employment lawyers, mergers and acquisitions lawyers, criminal defense lawyers, personal injury lawyers, intellectual property lawyers, traffic lawyers, bankruptcy lawyers, securities and finance lawyers, corporate (business) lawyers, immigration lawyers, and many more. In the current society, family lawyers are some of the most relevant types of lawyers. This stems from the fact that many home settings are plagued with strings of disagreements. Family law is then very important in the world today as it ensures sustained justice and fairness even in these troubled relations. The family lawyer is useful in a number of instances in the family that require legal intervention. Some of these family circumstances that require the skill and knowledge of family lawyers include divorce cases, visitation rights, spousal support, child custody issues, and prenuptial agreements. Given the current soaring divorce rates in the United States and the rest of the world, divorce lawyers (attorneys) are particularly in high demand. According to credible surveys, approximately half of the marriages in the United States alone result in separation. Needless to say, this is quite a huge number of divorce cases over time. The idea of no-fault divorce in the United States first became law in the state of California. Divorce of no-fault is that kind in which divorce is permitted even in the absence of wrong-doing from either of the couple. In such no-fault divorces, the process of divorce thus becomes easy to complete. New York was the last of all the states in the US to recognize the no-fault divorce.
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Each state is governed by its laws regarding divorce in the United States. The process of divorce can take place over a period of 3-12 months. Depending on the filing of the case or the issues concerning a case, the processes of divorce vary in their durations of completion.
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The divorce lawyer is tasked with a myriad of functions during the process of divorce. One such requirement for divorce lawyers is to find agreeable ways of sharing of assets between the couples, and the settling of outstanding debts thereof. If children are in the picture, the lawyer for divorce has to ensure that terms of child support and custody are reached. Furthermore, divorce lawyers have to ensure that all the paperwork is done in the correct and acceptable fashion. Above all divorce lawyers are to be understanding, keen listeners, good communicators, and with sound interpersonal skills for them to be successful in the fulfillment of their job descriptions.