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When Do You Need to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer? If your auto accident claim is simple or typical, you can likely research your way into the claims system and forgo hiring a lawyer. What you have to do is to determine if you can settle your claim on your own, or if you require the legal expertise of a lawyer. Ask yourself these questions before you make a decision: 1. Does the driver claim he’s not at fault?
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If fault is contested and you can’t prove that the other party was responsible for the accident, you’ll get nothing. Surely, hiring a car accident lawyer will raise your chances of a win.
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2. How much did you spend out-of-pocket for hospital bills, lost income, etc.? If we’re talking about $2,000 or even $5000, handling your own claims may be a good choice. If it’s at least $15,000, the picture changes drastically. You have to hire a lawyer. A bigger claim is always harder to get. 3. How seriously injured were you, and how much time did it take for you to recover? If you broke a bone or were told by your doctor that your injury is irreparable, you’re looking at a large claim. In such a case, you’ll want a lawyer to handle it so you can get the maximum amount possible. Generally, larger cases are more difficult to win, so when a legal specialist handles your claim, your chance of success will be much greater. 4. Are you court-bound? Must you take your case to court and be unable to use a small claims court or any other alternative dispute resolution, you have to hire a car accident attorney how is an expert in court rules. This way, you get a good chance of winning and a guarantee that your rights will be protected. 5. Lastly, do you have the time to study how an auto accident claim is handled and to actually present it? Remember, it takes a while to get to know the system works, aside from the time you have to spend on the claims-settling process itself. The total time required to do all of these differs from case to case. If you’re not confident you can do it yourself, or you simply have no time for it, without a doubt, you need a lawyer. Some people have second thoughts about hiring an auto accident attorney, thinking the fee is beyond their financial capacity. But these professionals usually get paid a certain percentage of the total awarded amount. If the case is lost, the lawyer gets nothing. This is the reason car accident attorneys will only take cases that are winnable by their expert evaluation. The first consultation is also generally free, so there’s no need to worry about that initial meeting.